Regarding the Eruption of Mount Ontake

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to all victims of the Mount Ontake eruption which occurred shortly before noon on September 27th. Furthermore, we are grateful for concerns and sympathy from our customers regarding the situation.

The eruption has had little effect on the Gifu Prefecture side. There has been absolutely no impact on our inn’s operation.

Please be assured of your safety. We look forward to seeing you at our inn.

rom Your Hostess    Welcome to Simple Elegance

Life is a series of encounters. And every journey ends in new encounters.

People who feel like old friends, even at the first meeting.
Friends met by chance, when you are thinking how much you miss them.

Meetings, partings, and reunions; travel is life condensed, a cycle that engenders wonderful drama and joyful times spent with people you love. In our hearts, we treasure every meeting, because we know that they might never happen again.

It is with these thoughts that we welcome our guests.
If you are considering a visit to Yuya Hot Springs in Gero, we hope that you will choose to stay with us.

Yasuko Kumazaki
Proprietress of Sengakukan.

Our Facilities

Guest Rooms 10 Japanese-style, 1 Japanese/Western combined
*Two rooms have attached open-air baths)
Dining Halls

Orizuru (100-tatami) Himeshaga (20-tatami) Uchoran (12-tatami)
Baths Indoor rocky baths (men’s and women’s) / 100% pure hot spring bath / Private open-air bath 
Other Lobby (poet and calligrapher Mitsuo Aida gallery), Relaxation Room, Parking
Capacity 66 guests

From 2:30 pm

10:30 am

Hot Springs  	Let the carbonated spring infuse you

Private Open-air Bath - Gandate 

Soaking in a hot spring surrounded by nature is a supreme moment, available only to overnight guests. Relax in private with friends and loved ones.

Candle lanterns cast a warm glow in the cool evening air. Birdsong and the falling dew welcome the morning. In winter, snowflakes fall silently around you.

Recommended at any time of the day or year.

*Private open-air bath is available for reservation (for up to 30min.). Please inquire at check-in for available times.

Rooms with Open Air Baths Private Open “Drinkable Onsen” carbonated springThe carbonated spring waters help stomach ailments and neuralgia, and have long been said to be more effective than any medicine.

The bath on the left is the “Cider bath”, 100% pure, cool, carbonated spring waters flowing directly from the source. Experience the unique pleasure of carbonated bubbles on the skin.

The water is not too hot, but it still warms you from within. Enjoy this moment of rest and relaxation. Carbonated mineral water flows from a tap at the entrance of the rocky bath.

Osaka Natural Carbonated Spring Water <High concentration of carbonated spring> Upon request

Osaka Natural Carbonated Spring Water 
<High concentration of carbonated spring>

Sometimes called “cider spring water” because of the heavy carbonation, this natural onsen gives you the chance to soak in bubbling water.

Since olden times, the carbonated waters have been said to be better for your stomach than any medicine. Unusual among healing spring waters, they are good for drinking, cooking, and bathing. The carbonation expands blood vessels and improves blood flow, helping overall circulation and reducing blood pressure. Sometimes, the spring is called “water for the heart.”
The water warms the body from deep within, and is recommended for those who suffer from chronic chills and stiff joints.
Have a glass of the water after your bath. The water stimulates the stomach, bowels and overall metabolism, giving your skin a healthy glow and aiding in weight loss.

We use the water in our cooking and cocktails so our guests can enjoy all the health benefits of the carbonated spring waters even without going into the baths.

*Upon request, we can provide guests with water in plastic bottles. You can use the water as you like. Drink it at our inn, or save it and take it home with you.

Guest Rooms   Experience the changing seasons

Japanese and Western Style: Comfort and Relaxation

Guest Rooms

Experience the changing seasons in your guest room. Listen to the soothing flow of the river.

Guest Rooms

See the luxuriant, fresh greenery as soon as you step inside. Feel the natural coolness from the woods and stream. Brilliant fall colors, crisp, glittering snow: each season presents a new face.

Guest Rooms

Families and groups can relax in the spaciousness of connected guest rooms.

Rooms with Open Air Baths

Guest Rooms

Enjoy the water and view whenever you like in the attached stone bath.
Soak away the fatigue of the journey as you luxuriate in your own private space.

Guest Rooms

Cuisine   Seasonal specialties from the countryside


Seasonal offerings from the local countryside.
Savor the refined simplicity of familiar tastes that appeal to all five senses.


*Dishes change depending on the season.

Optional Dishes

Traditional Sengaku-nabe

Traditional Sengaku-nabe

Smooth tofu immersed in carbonated spring waters, baked under a blanket of soft natural Japanese yam. We have been serving this traditional recipe since our ryokan was first founded.

Hida beef and char shabu-shabu

Hida beef and char shabu-shabu

Thin slices of selected Hida beef and char briefly dipped in simmering carbonated spring waters.

Char kotsuzake

Char kotsuzake

Warmed local sake poured over grilled char. Afterwards, savor the liquor steeped with char umami.

*Seasonal Carbonated Spring Cocktails


The rare carbonated waters of the Sengakukan are said to be better for the stomach than medicine. Enjoy our healthful drinks.

Spring “Sakuraso” (Primrose)
Summer “Tsuyukusa” (Dayflower)
Autumn “Waremoko” (Burnet)
Winter “Yukiwariso” (Hepatica)
Let our hostess recommend a seasonal cocktail made from carbonated spring waters as an aperitif before your meal.

Local Sights

Local Sights
Kannon-toge Pass is famous for the hawk migrations that can be seen from here.
The vista across endless lines of ridges provides an unexpected opportunity
to reflect on the repeated patterns in your own life.
local map

Mitsu-daki Falls

Mitsu-daki Falls

Gandate Gorge

Gandate Gorge

Suspension Bridge and Mountain Stream

Suspension Bridge and Mountain Stream

For details, see the Osaka Waterfall Tour page